low profile self dumping hopper

While managing materials handling operations for your business, you’ve learned that unique applications call for hoppers designed to meet their requirements. We offer our lower profile hopper options in many sizes and dimensions to fit your organization’s needs. Crafted with sturdy constructions with durable materials, each hopper delivers dependable long-term use in a wide range of industries and environments. With our low profile self dumping hoppers, you never need to worry about adapting your materials handling processes to restrictive production environments.

Setting an Industry Standard

Like our other dumpers, these low profile hoppers are manufactured to meet our exacting standards for quality and performance. Our hoppers are crafted to be heavier and stronger than industry standards, using thick steel bodies and plate in their design and construction. Their secret also lies in the hand welding in our production process, using an inner shield welding technique resulting in an extremely hot held with unparalleled weld strength and penetration.

Space-Conscious Designs

Working in an area with height restrictions brings certain operational challenges. Standard self-dumping hoppers may deliver the durability, performance and longevity you require, but they’re too tall to use in your production space. Enter our low profile hoppers, made to deliver increased load capacities but designed to accommodate workspaces with lower heights.

Our low profile self dumping hoppers are available in several size capacities, beginning with ½ cubic yard and ranging all the way up to 3 ½ cubic yards. Heights range between 25 and 45 inches, while lip heights start at 23 inches and go up to 34 inches. Hopper lengths and widths also vary by size and capacity from 38L x 48W inches to 65L x 96W inches. Each dumper offers several key features that ensure safe, effective and convenient operation:

  • Standard designs with drain plugs included
  • Large pull-down handle releases
  • Watertight designs that prevent dripping and leakage

Other Features and Options

As with other Roura hoppers, our low profile dumpers can be customized with additional features to fit your operations. We offer our standard safety green enamel on steel finish, but other selections include safety red, blue, yellow or orange along with brown, white, black or gray. Several caster and wheel options are also available.

Covers can be added to your hoppers to prevent materials from falling out during transport. Our cover choices include watertight steel, mesh tarp and a vinyl tarp. We also offer several types of bases including our standard fork entry, three-way base entry, base legs and an ultimate strength heavy-duty boxed tube base. If you’re sure which features you need, our sales staff can provide solid guidance and recommendations.

Custom-Built Hoppers for Your Operations

In addition to our low profile hoppers, we also produce custom self-dumping hoppers engineered for unique applications. We can modify one of our existing designs, including any of the low profile dumpers, or design a brand new dumper based on your specifications. Our sales and engineering staff are ready to discuss your needs and custom craft a hopper that meets your load capacity, dimension and performance requirements.

Your Materials Handling Equipment Solution

For more than 100 years, Roura Materials Handling has built and maintained a reputation for high-quality products that deliver quality, value and safety. From low profile self dumping hoppers to rotator boxes, we provide our clients with sound solutions for their materials handling applications.

Roura operates two manufacturing facilities in Michigan and Mississippi to meet the needs of our customers all across the United States. To find out more, get your questions answered or request a custom-built product, call our Michigan headquarters at (800) 968-9070 or our Mississippi location at (800) 654-9147. You can also complete our online form and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss your material handling requirements.