a frames for granite transport

Order heavy-duty granite A-frames to efficiently store your granite, marble and stone slabs. Enjoy industry-leading performance and customized solutions today.

Upgrade your current manufacturing or warehousing storage solutions with A frames for granite transport. Whether you need a single granite A-frame to store custom countertops or a series of customized, heavy-duty products for all your stone slabs, discover how leading products from Roura Material Handling can streamline your operation and provide safe storage solutions.

Heavy Duty A Frames

Our innovative a frames for granite transport use heavy-duty steel and premium-grade enamel point for a vibrant look and reliable hold. Depending on the size and specifications you need, you can enjoy an A-frame designed with the following features:

  • Capable of supporting up to 60-inch slabs
  • Maximum weight of 12,000 pounds per side
  • All-weather exterior protection
  • Supported with durable cross members
  • Includes protective timber and/or rubber cushioning material

We provide several distinct sizes and specifications of A frames for granite transport and other material handling, so compare each option to find the best model for your business. Each A frame model comes with the same commitment to excellence and high-performance steel construction needed to support your stone, marble and granite products. Don’t let a low-quality or lightweight granite A-frame damage your products or create inefficiencies in your storage system.

Key Features

Each innovative A-frame is shipped completely disassembled, which allows you to save on shipping costs. Once assembled, durable cross-bracing and fasteners keep your materials stored safely for short-term or long-term storage solutions.

Convenient timber blocks are included to offer a protective layer between your A-frame and your materials. This replaceable component helps you avoid scratches, chips and scuffs as you maneuver your materials by hand or with a forklift.

Enjoy the convenience of up to 12,000 pounds per side of storage. Store full 60-inch slabs of concrete, marble or stone. These A-frames are perfect for storing countertops or other valuable materials that require stable storage that protects their smooth surfaces.

Finally, each Roura A frame for granite transport is created with our ultimate commitment to quality and dependability. Our trained team of fabricators is committed to providing you with durable, reliable equipment for any industry.

Best Uses for A-Frames

With the popularity of high-quality marble countertops, natural stone patios and other home improvement projects that utilize these rugged materials, your company needs a reliable way to store these products. Whether you’re a leading distributor of custom marble countertops or provide local installation services using these elegant products, you need reliable and long-lasting storage solutions.

A-frames are designed to provide maximum storage at minimal cost to you. Whether you use them for indoor or outdoor storage, you can easily keep track of your inventory and select the piece you need. Once your A-frames are empty, it’s easy to relocate them to optimize your work area or streamline your warehouse.

Customized Solutions

At Roura Material Handling, we’re involved in every stage of design, fabrication and sales of your granite A-frames. This allows us to offer unbeatable customization for all of our products. Whether you need a unique size and shape, additional cushioning or a distinct color to match your company’s branding or to color-code your storage, we can handle all your customization needs.

Contact a representative today to learn how you can receive the innovative storage system you need to compete in your industry. We’ll work with you as an individual and help your company receive the products you need to keep moving forward.

The Roura Difference

Since 1915, Roura has played a critical role in the structural steel business. Our roots in steel building and railroad bridge fabrication has evolved throughout the years to produce industry-leading storage and material handling solutions for your company. Request a quote on A frames for granite transport today or contact us to learn how you can receive the customized A frame you need for your heavy-duty storage system.