In the manufacturing and production industries, there is a need for material handling equipment that makes maintaining a clean and safe work environment more relaxed and more efficient. Whether dealing with food, scrap, garbage, glass, recycling or other waste, project managers need a way to make site and plant cleanup more organized, which is where products like the Gaylord tipper or dumper come into play.

What is a Gaylord Tipper?

Gaylord Tipper

A Gaylord box dumper or tipper is designed with a straightforward premise, to transfer materials from conventional containers, like Gaylord corrugated cardboard boxes, into other storage or processing equipment safely and efficiently. These dumpers consist of three metal sides and a bottom with forklift access. Two of the sides have adjustable bars to allow for a variety of box sizes.

Why Use a Cardboard Box?

While it might be difficult to understand why industrial operations would use corrugated cardboard containers for any aspect of material handling, the reason companies do so is quite simple, they’re inexpensive. The cost-effectiveness of these boxes make them useful in a variety of industrial and commercial applications, but mostly with recycling and waste management.

Also, corrugated cardboard is an environmentally friendly option, which is important for most operations. However, with the boxes relatively short usage expectancy, businesses do need to manage how they are handled to get the most use out of these products. Therefore, a Gaylord dumper is used to help reduce the strain on the box as it is moved and maneuvered to be emptied and reused.

What are the Benefits of a Gaylord Dumper?

Is your company on the fence about purchasing a Gaylord box dumper? There are many reasons to buy a tipper, but there are at least five that make the purchase worth it.

  1. Ease of Process: Using a Gaylord dumper is easy. There is no need for fancy, overly complicated machinery or computer equipment. You only need to put the corrugated box into the dumper, secure it by clamping it into place with the two adjustable side rails, and when it is full, lift it with a forklift or other equipment and empty the contents.

  2. Flexibility of Design: There is no need to purchase an array of tippers. There are currently only two-sizes of dumpers available, and each of those can be adjusted to fit a variety of Gaylord boxes as well as match your operations needs with different weight capacities. Therefore, you should be able to purchase one size tipper for all your operation needs.

  3. Preservation of Materials: One of the most problematic aspects of using corrugated boxes for material handling is the relatively short lifespan of the product. However, using a Gaylord dumper increases the longevity of these temporary products by reducing the strain caused when maneuvering and dumping contents. The dumper effectively carries the majority of the load, meaning that the boxes can manage more use because it is not subjected to as much abuse.

  4. Safety and Efficiency of Process: Without the use of a Gaylord dumper, employees must physically maneuver boxes for transportation and possibly for emptying as well. The use of multiple people for a process like this increases the risk of injury. Also, by using numerous people for a job that could be completed by one person, a company is effectively losing money.

  5. Reduction of Labor Costs: The use of a Gaylord box dumper reduces labor costs because it essentially allows one person to maneuver, transport and empty the box. Therefore, instead of using several people to dump boxes manually, a company can put those laborers on other jobs and improve the efficiency of operations.

A Gaylord dumper is an essential piece of material handling equipment. For more information on the benefits of this tool, contact a Roura Material Handling representative at 586-790-6100 or 1-800-968-9070.