Discover the quality construction and durable designs of bin dumper boxes for your commercial needs. Roura Material Handling bins use a tried-and-true construction method to deliver excellent results for a variety of industrial applications. Learn more about how you can organize and maneuver your bulk material and dry goods.

Bin Dumper Volume and Load Capacity

Forklift bin dumper

Our bin dumpers come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. It’s no secret that our company has been producing industry-leading hoppers and bins since the 1940s. Choose a rotator box and enjoy these volume and load capacity benefits:

  • 1/2 cubic yard to 2 cubic yards
  • 2,000-pound load capacity
  • Four-way entry
  • Drain and plug
  • 12-gauge carbon steel sides and bottom

If you can’t find a bin that offers the volume or load capacity you need, you can custom-order a bin. Because our team fabricates these boxes, we can accommodate a wide variety of specialty product needs. While the load capacity remains the same, dumpers can be adjusted to fit new sizes and shapes of material. Plastic lids, rotating systems and attachments for innovative projects are all available.

Rotator Boxes for Your Bin Dumper

Each of our standard bin dumper boxes can be dumped easily with a rotating forklift attachment. These rugged boxes are capable of hauling heavy loads and are accessible from all four sides with your forklift. Whether you’re storing bulk materials outdoors or transporting products throughout your warehouse, find the perfect size to fit your specifications.

Thanks to the durable coating on each bin dumper design, you can enjoy rust and corrosion protection for indoor and outdoor use. Whether you’re hauling wet scrap materials or your outdoor bin collects rainwater, the durable coating and standard drain plug allow you to keep your bin outside without damaging it.

Using Your Forklift Bin Dumper

For a more specialized product, choose one of our forklift bin dumper models designed for cardboard corrugated boxes. Otherwise known as Gaylord rotator boxes, these specialty designs work with a range of boxes and have adjustable containing arms for maximum efficiency. Simply follow these steps to ensure streamlined use of your new bin dumper:

  • Insert a cardboard corrugated box into your unique dumper.
  • Adjust the containing arm to secure the cardboard box.
  • When ready, empty the contents of the box while still holding the cardboard box secure.
  • Safely return the dumper to the ground and remove the box.
  • Recycle or reuse your corrugated cardboard box and insert a new box into your hopper.

These bins can protect your cardboard corrugated boxes and extend their lifespan. They also allow you to easily reposition and dump the boxes with your forklift. When it comes to convenient carrying, loading and dumping, few products can compare to these specialized bin dumpers.

Select the right size to fit your needs. These bins come in two basic sizes, but each one can be personalized depending on your particular industrial needs. Larger or smaller boxes can also be fabricated for unusual-sized cardboard corrugated boxes.

Custom Designs for Your Application

Thanks to our dedicated team of engineers and our fabrication plant, we can deliver a custom-made forklift bin dumper to fit your particular industrial situation. If you work with oversized boxes or large amounts of lightweight material, a larger bin can be crafted to fit your forklift. On the other hand, a reinforced compact design can allow you to safely transport heavier parts or bulk materials without overloading your forklift.

For more information about ordering or customizing a bin dumper, contact Roura Material Handling today. From size and color adjustments to major structural changes for dynamic applications, we can provide you with a sturdy bin that fits the constraints of your particular project.

Roura Material Handling Reviews

“Last month, I have purchased self dumping hopper from Roura Material Handling. It is easy to fill and even easier to unload as it comes with a self dumping feature. Very handy in loading heavy items. Thank to Roura Material Handling for the fast, easy and safety of ordering.” Read More