Industrial companies require industrial solutions. Whether you’re hauling inventory across your warehouse or clearing a commercial construction site of debris, you need heavy duty hopper bins that are tough enough for your project. At Roura Material Handling, we pride ourselves in manufacturing a wide selection of durable, reliable and customizable self-dumping hopper bins for all your industrial and manufacturing needs.

All Sizes Available

Industrial hopper bin being lifted

When shopping for a industrial hopper, it’s essential that you find the right size for your project. If you purchase a hopper that’s too large for your needs, your forklift will be unnecessarily weighed down and difficult to navigate. On the other hand, a small hopper may not have the cargo load that you need to finish the job on time.

Our hoppers come in a wide range of sizes, from the Durable hopper, which carries up to 4,000 pounds and 1/8 of a cubic yard, to the industrial-strength Behemoth, which carries an impressive 10,000 pounds and 10 cubic yards.

If you don’t see a size you need, contact our engineers. Because we design and fabricate our own hoppers, we can create any size hopper bin you need. From small carts to massive hoppers, we’ll work with you to create a design that fits your needs and is easy to navigate around your factory or job site.

Customized for Your Project

Industrial and manufacturing companies require specialized tools for fine-tuned results. Don’t settle with a standardized hopper for your specialized needs. Roura Material Handling can design and fabricate heavy duty hoppers to your specifications.

If you need a hopper bin for your cardboard recycling, we can create one the exact size you need. We use durable carbon steel construction that features continuous welding for maximum strength. From liquid hauling to stone and masonry applications, no two hoppers are alike. A durable coating allows your hopper to remain outdoors and handle a wide range of temperatures, hard or sharp objects and a significant amount of weight without compromising the structure of your hopper.

Once you’ve contacted our engineers about designing a hopper for your company, browse our selection of add-ons for increased flexibility. Hoppers can be fitted with casters, push handles, dynamic release systems or painted and branded to match your company trucks and machinery.

Time-Tested Reliability

With a proud history in Detroit, Michigan, our company was founded in 1915. We continue the spirit of reliable, innovative and safe products that has been our mission since the beginning. These hoppers are built to last and perform well in a variety of conditions. Whether you’re hauling tar in the sweltering summer sun or handling bulk frozen goods in the middle of winter, you can count on a Roura self-dumping hopper.

When searching for an industrial hopper for your company, search our range of specialty hoppers. These popular products have increased productivity and decreased labor expenses in a variety of industries. Here are a few specialized hoppers that we offer:

  • Skeleton hopper
  • Stainless or galvanized self-dumping hopper
  • Lined self-dumping hopper
  • Recycling self-dumping hopper
  • Open-side self-dumping hopper

Companies that don’t have the time to custom-build a unique hopper can take advantage of these specialized plans and versatile hoppers. The durable designs, convenient use and reliable construction of all our hoppers allow you to focus on improving your industrial process or manufacturing line.

Order Your Hopper Today

If you’re ready to streamline your industrial process and invest in reliable, long-lasting tools for your manufacturing company, contact us online or give us a call at: 586.790.6100. Roura Material Handling offers or can create the exact industrial self-dumping hopper you need for all your industrial applications. Choose a reliable, heavy duty hopper and get started today.

Roura Material Handling Reviews

“Last month, I have purchased self dumping hopper from Roura Material Handling. It is easy to fill and even easier to unload as it comes with a self dumping feature. Very handy in loading heavy items. Thank to Roura Material Handling for the fast, easy and safety of ordering.” Read More