Using a self dumping hopper to meet material handling needs is a way to save on time and energy. Roura Material Handling offers a range of hoppers designed to meet the needs of many types of material management companies, including those that handle mining, solid waste, glass and manufacturing materials. One important component to consider when selecting a hopper container is size. Understand the differences between the four sizes of Roura Material Handling hoppers before choosing a material hopper for your company.

Durable Self Dumping Hopper

A durable self dumping hopper is the smallest hopper offered by Roura Material Handling. These hoppers have a weight load capacity of 2,000 to 4,000 pounds and a volume capacity of 1/8 to 5 cubic yards. The smaller size of a durable hopper is ideal for light weight material handling that may include ash, stamping, sawdust or glass. There are many different models to choose from, allowing your company to choose a small size with a shape that meets material handling needs.

Rugged Self Dumping Hopper

The rugged sized hopper is a step above the durable hopper and is a good size option for companies handling coal, rubber, metal scrap or construction material below the weight of 8,000 pounds. Weight capacities of the rugged sized model range from 4,000 to 8,000 pounds and the volume capacity is the same as the durable hopper, at 1/8 to 5 cubic yards. A rugged hopper is constructed of 7-gauge carbon steel, and like all Roura Material Handling hoppers, includes the standard flip secure latch.

Ultimate Self Dumping Hopper

Companies handling heavy weights of material should consider the ultimate sized self dumping hopper as a safe and effective transportation option. This hopper has a weight capacity of 8,000 to 10,000 pounds and a volume capacity of 1/3 to 5 cubic yards. While the durable and rugged sized hoppers are ideal for lightweight materials such as ash and rubber, the ultimate hopper is an option for industries transporting brick, castings, demolition debris and other dense and heavy materials. Working with these heavy materials can be dangerous. Thus, the ultimate hopper includes side and back angle rows and two support channels to reinforce the ¼” carbon steel body, to help you handle large materials safely.

Behemoth Self Dumping Hopper

The behemoth self dumping hopper is the largest hopper offered by Roura Material Handling. It has the same weight capacity as the ultimate size material hopper, with a capacity of 8,000 to 10,000 pounds. The difference is in volume capacity, where the behemoth can provide a 6 to 10 cubic yard volume capacity. This is a very large hopper and is the recommended size for companies handling large and highly dense materials, such as hot ash, shipyard debris, concrete and castings. In the case of the behemoth hopper, the continuously welded structure is composed of 3/16” and ¼” carbon steel. Additionally, there is a 72” long box tube base with a slide bolt latch to keep the large materials secure during transport.

The four different sizes of Roura Material Handling hoppers are designed so companies can have a tool that best meets specific material handling needs. The sizes vary in weight and volume capacity. When selecting a size, consider the type of material you are transporting and estimate the weight and volume capacity you will need to perform functions safely. After narrowing down to one of the four sizes, you can then browse size specific models and select the best fit hopper for your industry.

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