Self-dumping hoppers, orself-dumping dumpsters,” are metal boxes that are used to transport and dump a variety of materials. They are often used in conjunction with forklifts. A self-dumping hopper has two openings that make it easy to be picked up by a forklift. These hoppers are versatile enough to be used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction, and waste management.

The self-dumping hopper was invented in the 1920s by Detroit resident and founder of Roura Material Handling, Joseph Roura. It quickly became popular and has remained popular for nearly 100 years. 

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Benefits of Our 2-Yard Self-Dumping Hoppers

Dumping material can be both dangerous and time-consuming. A self-dumping hopper makes the process quicker and safer, and protects your most important asset— your employees. Manually dumping material can take some time, but our self-dumping hoppers allow your business to operate more efficiently.

Our 2-yard self-dumping hopper allows you to safely carry and dispose of large amounts of material in short order. It also has a 4,000 pound weight capacity, which it is able to achieve because of its heavy-duty steel construction. The Roura 2-cubic yard self-dumping hopper also has several optional features, so you can customize your hopper based on your needs. 

Key Features

At Roura, our 2-cubic yard self-dumping hopper models are built to be both sturdy and easy to use. We offer both standard and custom options. Some of their features include:

  • Heavy-Duty 10-Gauge Steel Body
  • Continuous Weld to Increase Strength
  • Z-Bar Base
  • Extruded Trunnion Track With Taper Pins
  • Iron Release Handle With Secure Latch
  • Bright Green Paint for Better Visibility

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What You Can Use Our Hoppers For

There are unlimited ways you can use our 2-yard self-dumping hoppers. Some of the most common industries that use our hoppers include waste management, machine shops, and construction companies.

Waste Management

Self-dumping hoppers have been popular in waste management applications for many years. Many of the materials that waste management professionals have to handle are highly toxic. Professionals in management may also have to handle sharp metals or needles. If you work in this industry, self-dumping hoppers can help you stay safe when dealing with hazardous materials.

Machine Shops

If you work in a machine shop, you can also benefit from the increased safety that our self-dumping hoppers provide. The metal scraps that are produced in machine shops can be incredibly sharp, and dumping these scraps in a self-dumping hopper is the safest option.

Construction Sites

As with machine shops and waste management sites, construction sites tend to create a great deal of hazardous waste. It’s not only safer for construction companies to use a self-dumping hopper, but also more efficient. Disposing waste in a 2-cubic yard self-dumping hopper will help you stay safe while saving time and stress.

Learn More About Roura’s Self-Dumping Hoppers

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